“You'll never guess how chuffed I am today to be able to tell you that Wiley Cousins made it to Jango Radio's Top Ten with 'A Good Day to Have the Blues'... as voted by the listeners… and isn't it just that?!   Thanks a million, our friends out there, in the four corners of the world, for giving Wiley your thumbs-up! I say let's keep the music flowing - what d'ya say? Say yes, and my carrier pigeon will fly over and give you a peck on the cheek of your choice, haha! Keep listenin', and we'll keep right on playin'. Love ya - Tuck & Roll! Your Humble Artist Manager at Midnight Rock"


"WACKA-DO" - WILEY COUSINS  Unsigned Only International Music Competition 2018, Nashville, USA

"WACKA-DO" - WILEY COUSINS Unsigned Only International Music Competition 2018, Nashville, USA

...For a Lover... I love this track!”

Gary Grainger, The Blues Show on Bishop FM Radio, UK

Wiley Cousins is a real and passionate lover of rock & roll and the rock culture, besides a restless spirit, who does not stop to investigate and find new paths and resources for his music, always inspired by rockabilly, blues or New Orleans rhythms.…. The Tuck & Roll album introduces to us an artist who, having rockabilly as a starting point, goes a step ahead and investigates in other fields, always from a perspective full of apparent simplicity but that communicates a genuine spontaneity and sense of humour in a continuous evolution of ideas, rhythms and styles, together with the special message of his song lyrics. In short words, this is a varied, different, vital and a hundred percent original recording. Very good.

- Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues, Spain -

A big thanks from us at Midnight Rock to Wiley Cousins for sharing his fabulous music with us all... and an even bigger thanks to Wiley's fans on Jango Radio for breaking the sound barrier of 500 fans today, in just eleven weeks since the release of the TUCK & ROLL album... I’m thrilled to bits! For nine weeks running, we've had FOR A LOVER, A GOOD DAY TO HAVE THE BLUES, ONE LESS DREAM, A MILE DEEP, WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY DREAMS and WACKA-DO make Radio Airplay PopScore. Wow! 

Your Humble Artist Manager at Midnight Rock 

Wiley’s station link on Jango Radio: http://www.jango.com/music/Wiley+Cousins

Great news from Radio Airplay! WACKA-DO, A GOOD DAY TO HAVE THE BLUES, WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY DREAMS, A MILE DEEP and FOR A LOVER have all again been awarded Top PopScore, based on listeners’ votes! Listen to Wiley Cousins’ Blues Radio Station here:  http://www.jango.com/music/Wiley+Cousins.  A big thanks to listeners, voters, friends and critics alike! 
Click HERE for more great tracks from the CD. TUCK & ROLL!

- Radio Airplay -


When I was a young boy, every summer our family loaded up our 1959 Chevy Station Wagon and went camping in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California. We first drove to my Grandmother's house in Eureka, which in those days took at least 12 hours. My parents chain smoked camel cigarettes and argued in the front seat, my two older sisters elbowed and punched each other in the back seat, and I spent the drive quarantined atop the smelly mouldy canvass camping gear in the back of the car, with my nose pressed against the fabric of the ceiling. The car had no air conditioning, so the windows were rolled down, causing an endless blast furnace inside the car from the often 110+ degrees heat. 

After a day or two at Grandma's house, we stuffed ourselves back into our assigned places and endured another six hour car ride to our favorite camping spot located on a bluff overlooking the beautiful green Trinity River. Having left Grandma's house at around 5 am, we arrived at our campsite in the heat of the midday. The rest of that first day was spent setting up our old World War Two tent (for clothes changing purposes only), hanging old army blankets as windbreaks, and setting up our pantry, Coleman gas stove, and arranging our utensils – all in an effort to make the forest feel like a rustic home. 

The final chore would be to set up a sleeping area, which usually meant hours digging out boulders from the ground with the tire iron and crow bar that my Dad gave us. The work was so brutal in that heat that we would have to compromise our comfort for the realization that a perfect pallet would take us days to accomplish. Supplemented with sand brought up the bluff by the bucket full, we would soon be satisfied that we could find a comfortable place to sleep if we contorted our bodies just enough to avoid the largest rocks. It wasn't perfect, but it would do. 

We'd then spend the next three weeks sleeping on the ground and under the stars. The only times that we were interrupted was when a bear would wander into camp to rampage through our food. On those nights, we'd spend the entire evening sleeping in the car, dreaming of our nice places between the rocks. 

For the next two and a half weeks, we'd then swim in the fresh cold Trinity River, only stopping for meals. We were in the water from just after sunrise, to right before sunset. We arrived back home from our trips almost black from the sun, happy and healthy and swearing that it was the best time of our lives. 

My musical career reminds me of those trips into the Trinity Mountains. It has been a whole lot of sweat, effort, arguments, smoke, driving, and digging...  sleeping between the rocks...  but then there was always the dive into the crystal clear water of the music. 

That feeling of the ice cold Trinity River washing over my body...  is the exact feeling I get when the music washes over me. It's perfection in spite of all the imperfection. 

All six of my songs currently spinning away on Radio Airplay were awarded Top PopScore again last week. Sincere thanks, all you guys, so great to share the music with you, I hope you are washed over by it, too! 

All Yours, Wiley

Hey! Totally thrilled to bits to tell you that ALL of the SIX tracks played on Wiley Cousins’ Blues Radio Channel with Jango Radio have made Top PopScore for last week. That’s WACKA-DO, A GOOD DAY TO HAVE THE BLUES, ONE LESS DREAM, WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY DREAMS, A MILE DEEP and FOR A LOVER. Amazing…  we're so grateful to you guys who appreciate the music… Thanks so much, yet again! 

- Your Humble Artist Manager at Midnight Rock -

P.S. There’s more to hear at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/wileycousins. See ya all soon, Tuck & Roll!

Radio Airplay announces a total of FIVE (WOW!) Top PopScore awarded tracks from Wiley Cousins' CD, ‘Tuck & Roll’: WACKA-DO, A GOOD DAY TO HAVE THE BLUES, WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY DREAMS, A MILE DEEP and FOR A LOVER - as chosen by the listeners. Keep doing the listening and I'll keep doing the playing, huge thanks, everyone!

All Yours, Wiley. 

Radio Airplay announced THREE Top PopScore awarded tracks from Wiley Cousins' new CD, ‘Tuck & Roll’ – WACKA-DO, A GOOD DAY TO HAVE THE BLUES and A MILE DEEP, chosen by the listeners. Tuck & Roll! Thank you again, fans and friends, for your support, couldn’t have done it without you! It gives our team no end of satisfaction to know that you guys enjoy the music.

Yours, Wiley 

The Wiley Cousins album is fun and well presented. It reminds me of early Mungo Jerry as they played a lot of jug and skiffle. Then Ray Dorset wanted to go a lot more poppy and Paul King wanted to stay with the jug, skiffle and blues. Both friends of mine. I like the tracks When I Hold You In My Dreams, Good Day To Have The Blues, Time After Time and Wacka-do... It was all well done.

- Phil Bailey (PHAB), Record Producer, UK -